Ycyclop Games

18.8.2023 Added "The Great Heist"
Welcome to Ycyclop Games
My name is Gilad and I like board games. I like designing board games, implementing board games as computer and iPhone applications, and creating gaming aids.

Board Games:
I enjoy seeing people play my games but since it is hard finding publishers for board games I decided to turn my games into free print and play games. This means people can download all rules and graphic files, print them at their home for personal use and play them for their enjoyment.
People who do print and play my games frequently asked me about the background of my game so in each game page I also give some background about the game.
Hope you enjoy my games and I’ll be happy to hear your comments

iPhone Applications:
Currently there are not too many euro style board games for the iPhone and iPod Touch. My goal is to create some unique games or implement some known games for the iPhone.
The goal is to create applications where you play against the computer but not to replace the need for the board game when playing against other people. I believe that one of the true enjoyments of board games is the social activity with a true board and nice lovely components.
If you are an owner of a game company who wants the company games on iPhone or you know of one please feel free to contact me