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Around the World in 80 Days

This game was designed as a part "Classic games" contest by "Escape Velocity Games". The idea is to create a game based on a classic novel. and of course for this game "Around the world in 80 Days" by Jules Verne.

Will you be the first player to finish the trip around the world in 80 days? You can try and move forward but you can also hinder the other players by blocking their way or sending them on a detour. Everything goes!

The game was in the top 3 games and the publisher requested to do some updates to the map cards and player cards. The files supplied are the new version after the fixes requested.

I've added images of the cards before and after the changes to show the difference.

Map Card V1 vs V2 sample Action Card V1 vs V2 sample

The components:

4 map cards

16 player cards (4 sets of 4 cards)

4 players markers

1 "First player" marker

2 page rule booklet

Game length 15-30 minutes

Files Needed:

 Map cards
 Player cards (need two copies of this page)
 New Rules
 New Map cards
 New Players cards (need two copies of this page)