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City of the Ages

This game is for the 2015 Solitaire PnP contest on BGG.


Your Race discovered the time travel. Using that technology a few brave people want to build a marvelous new city. Your efforts will span through three different ages, each will help you get different resources and sometimes different building that will help you build your new city. But be aware that you have limited time to do this before you are judged by your race. Will they declare you as the best city builder in the history?

Action Items:

% Done

Create Buildings. At least 12 for each era for first prototype.

Define the action that can be done each turn by the player

Write first player version of the rules (does not include sample graphics)

Create building tiles, maps tiles and resource table

Check if random events are needed or only random buildings are enough

Test play first version of rules before making new actions list at least 2-3 times

City of the ages rules v0.1 CityoftheagesRulesv1.pdf
Each resource can be identified by color and shape. The shape define the Era of the resource, and the color define the resource of in the Era but also, resources of the same color in two different Eras means that they can be transferred from Era to Era
Building tile:
Constructed from 4 sections: Era & Type of the terrain (section 1), Const of the building (section 2), The action the building provides (section 3) and Victory points the building provides if any