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Dust Bunnies Wars

In this game you control an army of dust bunnies trying to take control the floor of a room. It is not a simply task, the room has many hazards that can affect the combat area: Water tap that can destroy your units, air fans that can blow them out of the path, vacuum cleaners that can suck them out of existence. I bet you never looked at the room as a combat field like that.
Dust bunnies also have some unique combat capabilities, they can join and become a larger unit which gives them larger force or split and gives them more maneuverability. Also, each of their leaders has a unique power that can be used in the combat field.

The components:

Map (composed out of two halves)

Room Obstacles 

Dust bunnies in 4 sizes

Table pages

Rule booklet

Game length 30-45 minutes

Files Needed: