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18.8.2023 Added "The Great Heist"

A game created by Cwali Games. 
The game was released in Essen 2007 and now is out of print.

You are a caravan leader, trying to be the gipsy king by placing the caravan in the free lands near the wonderful lakes. After all the lands are filled with caravans, players will score points.

Points are scored for controlling lakes with gold coins and connected caravans groups.

After first round of filling the map, a second round is executed (with some minor changes). The player with the most points after these two rounds, is the winner and is crowned as the Gipsy King.

Can you be that player?

The iPhone version has three levels of artificial intelligence for 2-5 players. 

Version 1.1 is now available: Several bugs were fixed. most important the second stage double wagon bug is fixed.

Now the Application is ready to download: