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18.8.2023 Added "The Great Heist"

City of the Ages Your Race discovered the time travel. Using that technology a few brave people want to build a marvelous new city. Your efforts will span through three different ages, each will help you get different resources and sometimes different building that will help you build your new city 
Gods Of the Elements Can you be the tribe leader who'll gain the most support of the Elements gods? Using your priests and people you'll gain energy from the gods. With it you'll build temples, grow food, travel, and gain the gods support. Balancing all those things is not an easy task.
Tetzilla Welcome to TetZilla where each player controls a Godzilla creating havoc in a city that is created in a tetris fashion. The goal is to destroy as many building and city guard units as possible before the city is fully built or before the player's Godzilla dies