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Space Junkyard
The game design started with the idea of having tiles in the game. At that time I was toying with the idea of starting my own game company (I still am, but very afraid because many reasons, but that is another story). I wanted to have 2-3 games using the same box size and tile size in order to reduce production costs.
Once the tile concept was selected I was thinking what can be done with them that I haven't seen for a long time. After a while I came up with the idea of constructing something from tiles. The idea of a space ship sounded cool so I went ahead with that. I think I read an article at that time about all the junk we have surrounding us in space that was created by us humans and walla Space junk concept was created.
I designed the first version of the graphics bearing in mind that people will want to print the game on their home printer and did the graphics light and although the ships fly in space, the background of the asteroids and ship sections is white. The game was uploaded to BoardGameGeek in 2006.
After people start playing it, some found the game very enjoyable but thought the graphics needed a boost. Two versions were created. First version was done by Marco and the second by Orlando Rimarez
The improved graphics gave the game a boost and increased its exposure. Some gamers even showed the game to publishers they knew which led to an agreement with Mayday Games which published the game in Nov 2009.
The game can be now found in many online games stores and several stores across the states
On the 22nd of Dec 2009, Tom Vasel a known game reviewer did a video review of the game which can be seen here: