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Two Colors
An intriguing game that is also a puzzle.
The rules of the games are simple. In your turn you place a tile in order to create the largest connected group of inner or outer color. Once the tile is placed and groups are created you place your scoring marker and earn points. Sounds easy? Learning the rules is simple enough, but strategically finding the best move and taking into account what the other player can do makes the game interesting and deeper.
The game has several options to make the game simple for beginners or more difficult for the more experienced player:
There are many options that the player can configure:
Map Size: Grid of 5 by 5 or 6 by 6. The larger the map is, the harder it is to see the best next move of your opponent and block it.
Colors: 3 or 4 colors. More colors makes it harder to build a larger group and to plan ahead and visualize the board after placing the tile.
Game length: The game length can be 10,13,16, or 20 turns.
Computer Artificial intelligence: 3 levels of intelligence. 

The game can also be played as a puzzle where the player tries to gain as many possible points in a given number of turns. The top five high scores for each options combination (map size, colors, games length) are stored.

The game can now be bought on AppStore: Two Colors Game

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