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A Simple 2 player game where you mine for minerals. Each player has a different target resources value. Both players place the same mine tower that they will both earn points for it which make the game interesting.I think the game does not get the proper exposure it needs and I think with the help of this small application it will get some extra exposure.

The game can now be bought on AppStore: Atacama
Skilfully arrange Butterflies and take the most stunning photos in order to achieve the highest score at the end of the game. On your turn you will select one group of Butterflies and disperse them in a contiguous line around the board, allowing you to score either a Gathering card or a Composition card. Once all Scoring crystals are gone, count the score to see whose photos are the most beautiful, thereby crowning the winner of the game!

The game can now be bought on AppStore: Dust in the Wings
The game can now be bought on Google Play: Dust in the Wings
You are a caravan leader, trying to be the gipsy king by placing the caravan in the free lands near the wonderful lakes. After all the lands are filled with caravans, players will score points.Points are scored for controlling lakes with gold coins and connected caravans groups.After first round of filling the map, a second round is executed (with some minor changes). The player with the most points after these two rounds, is the winner and is crowned as the Gipsy King.

The game can now be bought on AppStore: Gipsy King
In the game each player controls a fox. Using heir fox, a player will try to capture some of each of the types of fowl that are found in the farmyard: chicken, ducks, geese and turkey. Foxes need a balanced diet!

The game can now be bought on AppStore: Fowl Play
A puzzle Game played on a 5 by 5 tile grid. Players move the tiles trying to create a connecting chain from 1 to 25. Moving the tiles is done bu selecting the tile and moving it vertically, horizontally or diagonally to an unlimited distance. Each tile moved must make the chain longer. There is also a timed version, and a smaller board version.

The game can now be bough on AppStore:SqWhere
Two Colors A intriguing game that is also a puzzle.The rules of the games are simple. In your turn you place a tile in order to create the largest connected group of inner or outer color. Once the tile is placed and groups are created you place your scoring marker and earn points. Sounds easy? Learning the rules is simple enough, but strategically finding the best move and taking into account what the other player can do makes the game interesting and deeper.

The game can now be bought on AppStore:Two Colors game
Whats Up What's Up is a fast card-flipping game in which you race to collect sets of birds first.
To set up, shuffle the thirty double-sided cards, then lay them out on the table in a grid. Each card features 1-3 birds in one of four colors — red, green, yellow, purple — with the reverse of the card having either the same number of birds in a different color or the same color of birds in a different number. Thus, each number+color combination appears five times in the deck.

The game can now be bough on AppStore: Whats Up
Zombie in my Pocket Find the zombie totem, then bury it in the backyard graveyard before midnight and you've saved the world. Otherwise, you're zombie food.
Searching for the secret of the evil temple where you can find the item to destroy the zombies rising from the dead.
You can pick up items to bash zombies along the way: a machete, golf club, chain saw, or even your former uncle's grisly femur.

The game can now be bough on AppStore: Zombie in my Pocket