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Space has become a giant dumping ground for jettisoned components and derelict spacecraft. But the tide could be turned by clever star pilots hoping to expand their tiny ships. Navigating through a sea of asteroids and recyclable parts, pilots collect resources and salvaged ship modules in a quest to build the largest and most complete starship 
Game Status:
Game is now published by mayday game: game page on publisher site 
Game latest version download on BoardGameGeek: Orlando Ramirez Version
The ocean is full of little islands that need supply. Use your ship in order to bring them the supply they want, this will gain you the island support and more resources that will help you help the other islands.
The game map is randomly generated every game so new challenge awaits you every time. The layout of the map can also set the difficulty of the game.
The game can be played with a single player. When played like this it is a puzzle, where the player tries to reach all the islands. 
Game Status:
My version download on BoardGameGeek: Rules and Components
Self production copies can be bought from me.
The goal of the game is to build a collection of the deepest oil drills.
Each player will first place a bid on resources buying order. After placing the bids the resources are rolled and players in bid order can buy resources.
Using the bought resources the players can deepen their oil shafts. Usually a player can only do one build action but with the help of their train workers and helpers they can have more build actions.
Game Status:
The game is currently a free Print and Play on BoardGameGeek: RulesComponents , Tables and Color map (B/W map also exist)
Grid race is a simple race game based on a simple pen and paper game. 12 map section can be combined in many different way to create a different track each time. Oil spills placed on track turn it into a tricky place. Can you speed  your car into victory?
Game Status:
The game is currently a free Print and Play on BoardGameGeek: Rules, Map sections & oil spills.      
You are a head of a noble family who wants to be known in the courts of the kingdom. Your family members can be sent to the villages and from there buy their way into the courts by donating money. Money is gained by sending other family members to work in the mines. Will you manage to balance between the two tasks and lead your family to be the most prestige one in the kingdoms

The game is in Alpha stages. you can now down load the first version of rules and maps, test the game and leave comments.
Invaders from galaxy X
Waves of aliens are attacking the planet. After the last spaceship of the invaders arrive you have limited time to destroy all your enemies or they will manage to send a message to their home planet to send more reinforcements. You must build your defense so it will hold until the last spaceship is destroyed.

The difficulty level of the game is set by the invaders wave layout. Changing the layout two can change the whole game flow and make it more challenging.