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The Squad

The Squad is a game based on the "Ambush" board game implemented as an application for mobile devices.
The goal is to create a game that will give unlimited number of scenarios and maps, that the application will be able to generate.
Initially the game will include one scenario and one map to test the game concepts and UI and get feedback from gamers
The game will include concepts from "Ambush" & from "Squad Leader" board games. still not sure what units will be included.
Initially it will include only infantry and basic weapons.
This is where Rules will be published and screen images.
The game will be published for iOS and Android (maybe later I'll invest time and publish a windows and Mac version also) and will be free!
I'll make it a donate ware hoping people will think it is interesting enough to encourage me to invest more time in it by donating money.
If you want to follow the development and discussions regarding the game, please subscribe to the thread on BGG:
This is the first version of rules and concepts that will enable me to start implementing the mobile application