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Oil Drills
This game started in a competition from www.spielmaterial.de using components from the game "Giants" by Kosmos. Since the components include oil drills this is what I went and used them for. I know it is not an original idea and maybe that is why I failed in the competition. But I still liked the game and therefore decided to put it here as another print n play for others to enjoy.
The goal of the game is to build a collection of the deepest oil drills.
Each player will first place a bid on resources buying order. After placing the bids the resources are rolled and players in bid order can buy resources.
Using the bought resources the players can deepen their oil shafts. Usually a player can only do one build action but with the help of their train workers and helpers they can have more build actions.
At the end of the turn players can sell oil in order to gain money to help them build deeper shafts.
At the end of the game the player with the best shafts depth combination wins. However, if a player catches a place of a possible deep shaft and does not build it as deep as possible he will get a penalty. Remember, money is just a tool in the game and not a goal!
Currently there is only my version and no other version was created by fellow gamers. Components for the game can be bought from spielmaterial or printed from the supplied files.