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Island Trader
The games started with a computer version in mind. After thinking about it I thought it can be a nice board game, stopped working on the application and focused on the board game version. I wanted a two-player game that can be played as a one-player puzzle. This was my starting goal.
After designing this game I thought it could be a nice game to try to self-publish. The costs were not too high (had to do it in a small box and small cards, smaller than most games), and use the produced games to send to publishers, it looked better that way than a simple prototype.
I still have a few copies left and so far I lost a little money on this game but I do not regret for trying, and probably will self-publish another game soon.
As with Space junkyard, people who played the game liked it and decided to design different graphical presentations for the game.
My original graphics were simple graphics, where the oceans are based on square segments that gives the feeling of hexes. 
The first user who did his version was Karim Chakroun: here's his map based on triangles that gives a better look than hexes.
The second user, Malechi, did a different graphics that are supposed to give an antique feel to the game and I think he did a great job.
Currently the game is being examined by a company who is considering to buy the rights of the game.