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Invaders from Galaxy X

This is a game designed for context "2018 Wargames Print and Play" on BGG:
The main game concept:

Waves of aliens are attacking the planet. After the last spaceship of the invaders arrive you have limited time to destroy all your enemies or they will manage to send a message to their home planet to send more reinforcements. You must build your defense so it will hold until the last spaceship is destroyed.

The difficulty level of the game is set by the invaders wave layout. Changing the layout two can change the whole game flow and make it more challenging.

30 Aug 2018: Final version ready for contest.

The game can go some more testing and improve the balance of the reinforcement points & energy points but there is not enough time until the contest deadline.

Invaders are shown side up with a random invasion profile.

Files of the Game:

Rules Concept stage

Map Concept stage

Player Mat