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Micro Ships

The space fleet of the famous Ganuuk trader is for sale. 13 glorious space ships that any space trader would be happy to put their hands on them, and now you have a chance. Each ship is worth worth some victory point or will help you in acquiring other space ships. The space trader that will earn the most victory points from the new Ganuuk space ships will be the winner.

This is a light game for 2-4 players that takes about 10-15 minutes and can be taken in your pocket.

The components are 13 tiles, 1 resource table, 5 resource counters of each 4 colors, 1 starting player marker

In order to make the game you only need to print one page of the tiles and cut the 13 tiles and resource table. The rules are only 1 page long and can be taught in 5 minutes.


Packed game that shows how small the game is
The tiles of the game
The files needed to Make the game: