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Rolling Courts

You are a head of a noble family who wants to be known in the courts of the kingdom. Your family members can be sent to the villages and from there buy their way into the courts by donating money. Money is gained by sending other family members to work in the mines. Will you manage to balance between the two tasks and lead your family to be the most prestige one in the kingdoms?

The game is for 2-5 players mostly tested for 3-4 players.

When designing this game one of the goal was that it will be easy to print and play it. 

What is needed to play the game:

Maps sections that needs to be printed (4 pages construction 2 maps: courts & mines)

14 markers per color that can be taken from any other game , extra 5 black token for the deep mines

money markers. Mostly values 1,2,5 and some 10.
3 dice

Rule booklet. 

New updated rules were uploaded: With action points to make the game more interesting as the game progress

Download Material: