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Fowl Play!

Created: Richard Breese
Artist: Juliet Breese

In the game each player controls a fox. Using their fox, a player will try to capture some of each of the types of fowl that are found in the farmyard: chicken, ducks, gesse and turkey. Foxes need a balanced diet!

The game will be implemented for the iPad only!

Sample images
The work that needs to be done is described in detailed in the following document: 
Fowl Play Tasks
The list will be updated every 1-2 weeks.
Last update 10 Aug 2016 

Current state (A short summary of the tasks):
Able to play a full turn
AI does all stages (some bugs still exists, like wrong calculation of Fowl values)
Rules do not exist
Need to add animation for action taken by all players
Graphics do not changes based on the size of the screen